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We’re always interested in welcoming experienced traders to join our ranks. Send us your trading history along with your resume and get an offer to become a part of our prop trading team.


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  • Experienced Traders

    If you already have a respectable amount of trading experience under your belt, send us your trading history. The main factor we look for is consistent performance, meaning profitability over the long term. Our traders understand that the market has its highs and lows, but proper risk management and discipline will allow you to shield your losses from market uncertainty to some extent.

    In addition to performance, we’re also looking for traders with the drive to be their own boss. You will first and foremost trade for your own benefit and we have no intention of forcing any profit quotas on you for the company. We hope to build a community of capable traders from all across the world who can see each other as equals.

    If this sounds like something you desire, contact us so we can help set up your evaluation.

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  • Beginner Traders

    As traders, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. There is a vast selection of learning material out there, so much so that often new traders won’t even know where to begin. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so daunting. As much as trading takes hard work and perseverance, it also has a lot of room for talent and ingenuity.

    Ambitious newcomers can still succeed in the market without decades of experience or risking their own capital on beginner mistakes. Everything starts with the basics. Once you have those down, you’ll need to learn the most common pitfalls and from then on just practice, practice, and practice.

    A good place to start is our partner program with Earn2Trade. They provide an affordable option for futures trading education along with two evaluation programs that we recognize for the purposes of admitting traders to Appius Trading. As a company that shares our vision, we recommend them as a fast-track application process for joining our firm.

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