Our Mission is to Help You Reach Your Full Potential.

Helping diligent and determined traders get a foothold in the futures market.


An Introduction to Appius Trading

Appius Trading was founded with the goal of capitalizing on the abundance of untapped raw talent in the trading community. The digital age has resulted in a plethora of information available to everyone across the world, and there are fewer obstacles than ever for learning how to trade. At this point, the lack of capital is the largest barrier to entry.

There has been explosive growth in the number of people interested in retail trading and managing their own investments. Such individuals are often highly motivated and pursue all trading related knowledge with a passion. We aim to find these diamonds in the rough and provide them with the opportunity and funds to fully realize their abilities.

We believe that the best way to accomplish this is by giving all of our traders a high level of independence and some basic rules to foster discipline and good trading habits. Rather than maintaining conventional trading rooms, we’ve opted for a more decentralized, remote trading approach to help us tap the entire pool of prospective traders across the world.

Our primary focus at this time is the futures market, however, we’re always looking to expand our options and offer our traders more assets to work with.

What We Do

  • Proprietary Trading

    As a prop trading firm, Appius does not manage funds for outside investors. We trade exclusively with the company’s own capital. Traders who join and get funded will have access to part of those funds to use for proprietary trading.

Available Assets

  • Futures

    The futures market offers a regulated trading environment with many benefits for speculative trading. Chief among these is the use of leverage, along with high liquidity and relatively low commissions.